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Well the journey home was a very quiet one. No one really had much to say, as I think we all had our own worries about the drive. As it happens, it was an easy one. The roads were clear and quiet. We got back to Exeter in under 12 hours, and that is with dropping people back off home in Ellesmere Port and South Wales.

We came to back to odd crunchy broken up snow, which we quickly got off the car and went out to get a takeaway!

I didn't go off into town on Friday to take photos of the Fort William as it was decided that we would all go to the pub for Mike's birthday. As we had to drive to the Ben Nevis pub, we only had one, but it was nice to get out somewhere different.

In the evening we went to the Grog and Gruel for his birthday dinner, and it was the best food I ate all week!! We had three in there and all headed home for an early night.

I will attach a shot of the pub, and following that two others of the massive snow fall we had to contend with!

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