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Day One

As I have already said, I started very esrly yesterday. I actially left whike it was still dark! I did my wslk from Fort Willuam to Corpatch and back. Chris measured it at 7 miles but it was more like 8.5 instead! I got some shots that I will share here.

I chose to cook for everyone last night! What a nightmare it became! The electric cooker is too clever for its own good! Drove me nuts! I then had to go out and buy kitchen scales and a mixing bowl do that I could make apple crumble!!! The kitchen may look fantastic but believe me, its not very useful!!

Still managed to hobble to the pub those, and I was not alone in my pain! The boys were supposed to start off with an easy walk...the didnt! The weather tempted them to do a long one! Still I think the booze helped everyone!

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