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It just hasn’t been my trip!

Chris decided to come with me today and the aim of the day was a trip to Urquhart Castle. I bought the bus tickets, we had a bus trip of 1.45 hours. Wee made our way to the visitors centre, knowing we had the luxury of 4 hours here. We walkec in, ready to brandish our Engkish Heritage cards, and the lady behind the desk told us that the castle was closed!!! We could go for free to the gift shop and the cafe, but the castle and its grounds were closed to the public! I pointed out that I had a 4 hour wait for my return bus ride, and she seemed shell shocked that we didnt arrive by car!

We went down to the cafe and gift shop where I just fell into tears!!! I couldn‘t believe that another thing had failed! In my desperation I fished out my printed bus time tables and I discovered that there was a bus back in ine hour! With that one small joy in our hearts we sat down to over priced drinks snd caught our bus back!

Chris felt so bad for me that he took me for lunch and then another pint before we had yo go back to the house!

It was Andy’s turn to cook, and as he doesnt, he bought us all dinner out! The food I had was just lovely!

I took nothing photographic wise two days in a row now!!! I am so upset about that! I took a snap on my phone of all I saw of the castle today, I am so sorry not to get the shots I had plannex!

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